My podcast debut: My Maine Mane


Taylor Alexis, host of Taylor’d World Podcast, was supposed to be in MAINE last week for a visit. Taylor lives in New York City and is a friend, fellow black beauty, and was a participant in my recent piece Brown Paper Bag Test (more about that really soon). 


“Brown Paper Bag Test” Photo by The Maine Campus, Orono. Taylor pictured front and center!

Due to the pile of snow that Maine  was just SLAMMED with, Taylor was unable to make to to Maine. However, thanks to the Internet, I was still able to have a chat with Taylor as a guest on the Taylor’d World Podcast. If you haven’t yet, grab a cup of coffee, wine, tea, whatever your fix is, and have a seat and listen. We talk art, hair politics, colorism, and just catch up! The audio on Taylor’s mic is a little funky. 😦  But don’t worry, mine is loud and clear. Just click the play button.

You definitely need to check out Taylor’s Instagram page where she posts regularly about her podcast guests and other happenings. Might as well follow me on Instagram too while you’re at it. 😉

Don’t forget, sharing is caring, commenting is cool, and following is fleek. 😀


Taylor lookin’ fine so fine!


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