Ono. Oliveros. Cardew. In memory of Pauline Oliveros

Hi friends, I’m performing tomorrow night and I’d love to have you come out and watch.
dmp_yokoonoThis particular performance is really special as it is dedicated to the wonderful Pauline Oliveros. Oliveros recently pass away this past week and it was sad news. I had the opportunity to meet Oliveros last spring while she was visiting the University of Maine as a part of the Intermedia MFA program in which I am enrolled. Oliveros was a philosopher, accordionist, and composer and contributed profoundly to the world of experimental sound, music and performance. She was also the founder of the Deep Listening Institute. Tomorrow’s performance will be very special as we are performing a piece composed by Oliveros and I am also performing a piece composed by Yoko Ono. With no need so say more, as the semester comes to a close this concert has begun to have great meaning for me and my artistic practice. I hope that you will come and share it with me.
Ono. Oliveros. Cardew. An evening of Experimental Music will take place on Tuesday Nov, 29 at the IMRC Center at the University of Maine under the direction of Professor Gustavo Aguilar and Professor N.B.Aldrich. The program includes works by contemporary composers Yoko Ono, Pauline Oliveros and Cornelius Cardew performed by students of the University of Maine Intermedia MFA program and the University of Maine at Farmington Experimental Performance Group, myself included!!
The evening revolves around works that promote the idea of music as an opportunity for individual and social meditation, and for performance as an opportunity to create community. 
(c) 2010 vinciane verguethen
(c) 2010 vinciane verguethen

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