Monochrome Tokyo

BWOne thing that most travelers have in common, regardless of travel style, is that one of the best parts of traveling is learning how to navigate a new city, and losing a sense of direction as a way to discover and stay curious. Wandering the streets of a new environment allows you to take in new surroundings for nothing more than what they have to offer and is one of the most liberating feelings in the world.

I especially love getting lost in new places with a camera. Color photos do provide an accurate sense of visual aesthetics, however monochromatic images give me a delicious opportunity to notice textures, shadows and light as well as subtle nuances that are so easily lost with the distraction of color.

I took these photos on my first day off in Tokyo and of all of the bright images that  I captured, these bring back softer moments from the day in a very special and personal way. IMG_5188




2 thoughts on “Monochrome Tokyo

  1. Chris Mares says:

    Great pix. I love the little intersections. So much neatness amid the chaos. So many corners to turn. I used to wander the streets of Tokyo with my camera, too. Temples, bathhouses, neon, neatly manicured trees. Keep it coming.

  2. Diane Kipping says:

    Lost in Tokyo? What an experienced never to be forgotten. You weren’t lost. I believe you were guided by the spirit on a path to discover the beauty, renewal, cultural definition and self awareness in an unfamiliar image. I say go! Enjoy! Learn it. Live it and continue sharing your journey with us. We may not be there with you physically but we’re there in spirit. I love it and I love you. 🙂

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