Projection on the Bangor Standpipe!

Happy spring to all you Maine locals! Happy spring to everyone else, too. 🙂

So there is something I’m very excited to invite you to.

Several Intermedia MFA students,myself included , have teamed up with the Coaction Lab, and the Bangor Water District to bring the city of Bangor FLOW: an evening of water themed light and projection. This is all happening on Wednesday, May 4th (the day after tomorrow).

Here’s the scoop.

This multi-media event takes place during the annual Spring Tour of the Thomas Hill Standpipe. Me and some of my colleagues are going to wrap the Thomas Hill Standpipe in a blanket of light and moving imagery inspired by the rich history and daily functions of this unique Bangor water infrastructure. The cool part is that the water tower is going to be open for tours. There will also be sound and music. It’s going to be a super sensual experience.

This only happens a couple of times a year! And it’s free.

Tours are going to start at 5:30pm and performance will being at 7:00pm. If you’re local or going to be traveling through, please let me know and come by and say hello. I’d love to hear what you think about the performance and chat.

FLOW-Poster11x17bangor standpipe-2

2 thoughts on “Projection on the Bangor Standpipe!

    • eleanorfelicia says:

      Thanks, Sara! Currently at JFK Airport waiting to board my Tokyo bound plane. Can’t wait to meet you!!! See you soon.

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