Inspiration Board: February

This past month was something else – and March is shaping up to be just as fabulous. The beginning of the month started out slow and a bit emotional, but soon enough it was filled with fun projects, new friends, and exciting opportunities.

What started out as a rather painful redefining of one relationship, only allowed me to brace myself for the enjoyable discovery of another. What better month than February to stop and do a little relationship inventory?

As for art projects, I have started an exciting little piece that I’ve given the working title of The Story Exchange. I’ve given myself the title of a story collector, and I’ve begun the process of collecting stories from international students at the University of Maine and in Orono. The project is in its infancy, but it is already beginning to develop feet and take a shape of its own.

And, if that wasn’t enough to keep me on my toes, a series of unexpected events lead happened to work out in my favor. I found myself at Maine Media Workshops in Campden/Rockport Maine working as a Teacher’s Assistant for Jack McDonald’s Writing and Developing the Documentary.Nah – no big deal.

Not. I was totally pumped.

If you already didn’t know, Rockport is a quant little coastal town in mid-coast Maine. Maine Media, is a small campus that hosts year-round new media workshops in photography, video, printmaking, visual storytelling, and much more. Workshops run anywhere from one day to two weeks and they even offer certificate programs, and even a three year MFA program. It’s a pretty special place. Remote, beautiful, friendly. The workshops are intense, but everyone is in the same space and wants to create, learn, and produce work. People come from all over the country and world.

And there I was.
I was there for a week. Jack, a very accomplished writer, and producer has been kind enough to allow me to participate in class discussions, and workshop some of my own projects. I was also able to work with Neil Shelley, and his DSLR for Video class. I left feeling inspired, energized, and excited about my own work, and the work happening around the world.
There are some other exciting things in the works – but those are to come.

Guilty pleasure: Can’t get enough of Nina Simone and Mississippi Goddam, lately.
Good reads: Currently checking out Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss
Netflix and chill: Nurse Jackie. Need I say more.

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