Inspiration Board: January

January is kind of a big deal. First off, my birthday is in January.
Happy Happy BDAY to all you lovely CAPPIES!! 
Second, January is significant to me in terms of its new beginnings, and not just because it’s the New Year. This month in specific marks the beginning of several new adventures that have been a loooong time in the making and I couldn’t be more thrilled about them (more to come about those later). Until then, here are some of the inspirations that I’ve been hoarding for myself to soak up, as well as some of the books and music that I’ve been indulging as of late.

What and/or whom has been inspiring you as of late?

Inspiration Boards_January


Photo credit: Lance Anderson, Paul Clifton, and ME!


Guilty Pleasures: TOTALLY been soaking up Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats are serenading me RIGHT now. My current poison? Shake. 

Good reads: I just checked Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist off my Book Bucket List. Such a treasure to keep and simple pleasure to read. Just started 1984 by George O’Rwell and Silvina Ocampo’s Thus Were Their Faces. 

Netflix Binges: As a teacher I took great delight in Rita, the Danish series about a naughty teacher. As for movies, check out the Brazilian set Trash. It’ll keep you at the edge of your seat.

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