A visit with Robert Duarte

Robert Duarte was just in town last week. He was in Maine for about two very busy days. While he was here, he led a workshop on circuit bending. That’s probably one of the coolest parts about my job, is the interesting people from all over the world that I get to meet.
My hope was to hack a race car and make it do crazy things. Yeah, I know, that’s a pretty tall order. BUT, I will proudly say that I was able to use Arduino to control a Teensy microcontroller. I made a light blink. With my computer. I know! Awesome. Then, I made a button turn made that light blink.
Big things, people. Big things.
On another note, Rob was a pretty cool guy, and I was really into his work. Rob explores the hidden politics in all technology. Hence the hacking and circuit bending. Check out some of his stuff.
Tuesdays at the IMRC3.jpg

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